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Whether you need a magazine article, a technical manual, some web copy or any other writing project done fast and done right, I have the right words for you.

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Check out links to the WordPress websites I’ve designed in my Portfolio section and visit WordPress for XYZ for some inspiration to build your own amazing WordPress website.


My first book, Tracing Your Ancestors’ Lives: A Guide for Family Historians, was published by Pen and Sword in 2017. I’m currently working on my next book, an historical fiction novel about my great-grandmother Jessie Williams.

In my previous lives, I was a stay at home mother, a school bus driver and an electromechanical engineering technician specializing in hydraulics and power transmissions. In addition, I’ve had minor life episodes in purchasing, sales, teaching, accounting, web design, and social history research. I currently work as a Senior Manager of IT Operations when I’m not writing or designing websites.

Just enough research is how I begin to write. The challenge of course, is knowing how much research is enough research. Then I write. I outline, then fill in the blanks between, drawing on the research to keep the reader interested. Then I let the words sit for a day or two or even a week until they’ve set and then I read out loud to the cat. Of course, he seldom says anything, but will often meow in agreement if I suggest that a certain passage is awkward and needs a rewrite.

I definitely have a diverse set of hobbies. I like technology, crafts, gardening, web design, family history and photography. And finally, I read. To say that reading is a hobby is a little like saying that breathing is a hobby, but I’m sure that some would consider it one.

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  • My projects are always on time

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  • I’m organised and efficient

  • I pay attention to all the little details

  • Free quotes on any project, written copy or web design

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