Project Description

Looking for a course that adds to your understanding of your ancestor’s life? The National Institute for Genealogical Studies is proud to announce a new course written by genealogist and social historian Barbara J. Starmans, PLCGSResearch: Social History.

About social history Barbara Starmans writes,

Social History is not concerned with politics and wars, or kings and presidents, but rather with the lives of ordinary people. It is a view of history from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. Looking through the lens of the past will enhance your understanding of how your ancestors lived, worked and played in their daily lives, and will add depth to your family stories. It is often the minutia of someone’s life that tells the story of who they were and what they believed in. Beyond the names and dates of genealogy, each of your ancestors has a story to tell, and by learning about their time and place and how they lived in it, you will add to your understanding of who they were.

Research: Social History is an  introduction to social history that will provide examples and resources of subject matter from many areas of interest to the social historian. Rather than being a comprehensive discussion of social history, the material is intended to inspire your research into the lives of your people and the times and places they lived in. Your ancestors, their families, and the society they lived in may be different from the examples given but only by researching the specifics of their lives, their communities, the world around them and the forces and influences that shaped their environment can you begin to know who they were.

Available through National Institute of Genealogical Studies